Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everything I Know About Football

(Those of you who are shocked to find actual words under that title and not just blank space have just earned 10 bonus points).

1. I know very little about football.

2. In junior high, I once made a touchdown while playing flag football in PE class. I can still remember the feeling of exultation, and vague surprise that no one was catching me, as I raced down the field to the sound of my teammates screaming my name. I ran over the goal line, turned, and realized that they'd been screaming because I had just made a goal for the opposing team. This turned me against football for life.

3. I have had "downs" explained to me an easy hundred times over the course of my life and have made peace with the fact that I will never ever understand what they are.

4. My best friend's husband did successfully, and patiently, explain what "offsides" means to me. I basically sit around the whole game and wait for this to happen because it's the only thing I can comment about without sounding like an idiot.

5. I like the shiny, tight uniforms, but I can't tell one player from another with their helmets on. And, yes, I know their names are on their shirts, but I'm too blind to read them.

6. Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent time to go shopping. The stores are virtually empty. Ditto restaurants.

7. I'm a big fan of wings, chips and dip, and other football-type food. I feel this should count in my favor.

8. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.


parnola said...

9. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the chosen team and I root for them religiously.

Grandma said...

10. The Cardinals is my chosen team (Grandpa is rooting for the bluebirds.-whoever they are!) Jenn, he knows as much about the game as you do, but he loves the food, drink and the instant replays. Go Reds!

Happy you at least watch some of the game, not like some people I know around here who are stick in the mud kinda folks and do not join in on everybody elses fun. Sorry about your football play experience, Ouch!

Grandpa said...

Hey what difference does it make? A touchdown is a touchdown, and you made one. Yea, Jenn

DaddyS said...

My Mom keeps cheering for these "Reds." I didn't know she was communist. Huh.

jenn said...

Ah, yes, thank you, Pat. I meant to add #9 but in my anticipatory Super Bowl excitement, forgot.

Nana said...

11. No matter how little I understand about football, I will always root for the Steelers because I was born in PGH, and that makes me a Steelers fan for life.


grandma said...

Okay, after all the hoopla was over, it was a good Super Bowl game which held the interest of both sides of the aisle to the bitter end. There is always next time Steeler fans, enjoy your victory, you earned it (barely)!

Caffeine Court said...

I only like football when I care about the teams, but my husband wanted company last night so I watched with him.

What a great game!! I had a really fun time watching.