Sunday, February 8, 2009


Birth"day" is something of a misnomer around here. We tend to spin the festivities into at least a full weekend of fun. Here are some shots from Bug's 48-hour Birthday Extravaganza...

Bug wanted a chocolate chip pie for her Real Birthday, and gazed happily into the candles' glow while we clustered around and sang to her. Really, it doesn't get much better than being a kid deciding on your birthday wish in those seconds before you blow out the candles.

Bug's new camera from Daddy S. & I was a big hit. She's showing the makings of being as completely obnoxious as I am about taking photos. Common refrain around here is now Bear crabbing, "Bug keeps taking my picture!" I imagine this is how most paparazzi get their start. As evidence of my continuing genius (you've started a file with these examples I give you, yes?), I submit The Sledding Party. Points to consider:

a. cheap (like, FREE)
b. completely exhausted children by end of party
c. at no point was I required to wear a bathing suit
c. did I mention the free?
Another genius brainchild of mine was to bake a small cake for each kid at the party. They had a ball slathering them with frosting and sprinkles, and because kids tend to be a wee bit proprietary about "their" cakes, there was no cake for me. Which is a very, very good thing considering the fact that I will be putting a bathing suit on in another four months or so.
Bug was very meticulous with her cake-decorating, working away on the details long after her friends had finished their cakes.
My nine-year-old Bug: dancer, reader, piano-player, artist, giggler, screecher, bouncer, budding mathematician, photographer, snuggler, and all-around sweetheart. Happy Birthday! I love you to pieces, baby.


Nana said...

Looks like Bug enjoyed her birthday festivities. You guys sure do know how to celebrate special occasions!

grandma said...

Great pictures. Tell Bug we still have not received any of the pictures she took with her new camera. We want to see how your competition is doing.

Nana said...

Good point, Grandma! Our little shutterbug might put Jenny's pictures to shame. :)

Country Girl said...

Happy Belated b-day.