Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bug!

My baby turned nine today. This is alarming on several fronts:

a. I really can't keep calling this "baby weight" when the baby is close to a decade old.
b. Before I know it, I'm going to have TWO hormonal, moody girls.
c. Nine? Really? Wasn't she just four?
d. I think this means that I, too, am getting older. I don't believe I want to think about that right now.

Her daddy and I woke her up by singing to her, let her open a few of her presents at breakfast, and then whisked her off to school with a tray of pink icing-flowered cupcakes to share with her class. I just finished strewing pink crepe paper around the house, which looks a little less like the festive vision I had in my mind when I started and a little more like there was an industrial accident involving Pepto Bismol.


grandma said...

We cannot believe that this much time has passed, just like I cannot believe Daddy Shortbread will be 40 next year. Funny, but I do not feel that I am old enough to have a 39 year old child:-( We can remember that cold, snowy day when Bug was born and Nana caught a cold and could not pick Bug up and give her a big kiss. Wish we could be there. DARN!

Nana said...

Exciting day for Bug! We are looking forward to seeing birthday pictures in your next post. The sledding party tomorrow with hot chocolate should be a big hit!

Believe me, Grandma, I remember that bad cold I caught right at the time Bug was born. Once they brought her home from the hospital, I had to wear a mask. Such poor timing for a cold, but at least I was over the worst of it by the time she came home. In fact, didn't they keep her in the hospital one extra day because of me?

Nana said...

Are you hinting that I should no longer be calling my extra weight from my pregnancy with Uncle Awesome "baby fat"?