Thursday, January 29, 2009

Say Wha-?

I was walking downstairs this morning to stoke the woodstove when I overheard the girls in the midst of playing Bratz.

Bug: OK, first all of the teenagers are going to get high. Then, they'll help the children to get high.

Me (momentarily speechless...mustering a casual tone): Um, what do you mean they're going to get high?

Bug (looking at me blankly): There's a flood.

Sure enough, they had moved all of the Bratz dolls to the top floor of the dollhouse.


parnola said...

I told you not to let them watch South Park when Towelie is in the episode!

jenn said...

Yeah, I'm rethinking that. ;)

DaddyS said...

Did they all fall in the river and become drunken after that?