Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A definite plus to living in a state with four distinct seasons is watching the kids' excitement with each dramatic shift of the seasons. I know I tend relish each season more when I know it's fleeting. Midway through summer, I start thinking wistfuly of fall. Around the end of October, I decide I'm ready to face snow again. By December, we're all jonesing for those first flurries.

With impeccable timing, Mother Nature provided our first snowfall of the season on December first this year. "Snowfall" being a relative term, as it was more slushy than fluffy, and the grass was still poking through.
Good enough for Bear and Bug, though. As soon as they got home from school, they went out to "sled."
I was dubious that there was enough snow to slide on, but they would not be dissuaded, and sure enough, they made it work.
Bear initally agreed only to go out and watch Bug sled and "maybe walk around a bit." I think she feels sledding is somehow beneath her newfound maturity.
Within two minutes they were both rolling around like puppies.
Didn't you realize that sledding is a full-contact sport?


parnola said...

I think snow is "devil dust" - PURE EVIL! Now, if it were possible to have a white powdery substance fall from the sky while it's 70 degrees outside, I would be happy with that.

Nana said...

I enjoyed snow as a kid, but I could happily live without it for the rest of my life now. I enjoy seeing the first snowfall of the year, then I'm done.

I was an avid sledder and loved going to my friend Linda Ligo's house where she and I would spend hours sledding down her backyard. It was a very long slope with a few trees sprinkled here and there. We got pretty darn good at steering around those trees! I remember her mother calling us into the house periodically for hot chocolate, then back out we'd go!

#1quiltinggrandma said...

WOW! Beautiful pictures. Hope you get more snow this week. We are wishing for some of the white stuff for this Saturday's Christmas parade and Courthouse lighting. If we got some it would make it a perfect Saturday here in Arizona's Christmas City.

Bear is really in the beginning stages of leaving childhood for adulthood. It is great to see that she joined her sister. I hope she never totally loses the child in her.

parnola said...

What's with the insanely neon snow suit for Bug? Are you concerned she'll be mistaken for a deer?

jenn said...

Bear picked out said "insane" snow suit last year, and Bug is stuck with the hand-me-down this year. Pitfalls of being the youngest!