Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Status

Christmas cards - SENT
Baking - DONE
Out-of-town gifts - WRAPPED & MAILED
Suitcases - PACKED
Children - WIRED

We went to Bear's band concert last night, where she dazzled on the bass clarinet. And by "dazzled" I mean managed to play all the correct notes, in the correct time, while sitting up straight in her chair and looking completely adorable in her white ruffly blouse and black dress pants. Unlike certain trumpet and saxophone sections, about whom the word "discordant" could be considered kind. Her teacher had some lovely things to say about Bear's technique and musicality and told us that she is confident that Bear would excel at any instrument she chose. Made my heart melt, I tell you. Need I mention that I trotted right out and bought said teacher a Starbuck's gift card this morning? (Either the teacher thinks my kid is genuinely talented, or she knows how to rake in the Christmas presents).


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Did you not take a picture of Bear at her concert that you can post? I for one would love to see what a bass clarinet (is that the correct name for her new instrument?) looks like and Bear's ruffled white blouse. I bet she looked awesome :-)

Nana said...

What's the deal with the snowman's nose? It seems to go on and on and...

I'd like to see a picture of Bear in her band outfit, too. Maybe after the holidays you could post one of her with her bass clarinet. She has a good singing voice, too. I remember that she scored very well when we did XBox karaoke.

jenn said...

Shockingly, I the Queen of the Camera, fogot to take a picture of Bear that night! I'll make her put it all back on when we're back from the trip so I can take a picture. She'll be thrilled. NOT.

Jennifer said...

This morning when I went to feed the cats, the snowman ornament was on the floor along with a few pens. Wonder who did that?????

Mainiac said...

That ornament looks even cuter in a photo - thank got you took a picture before the cats got hold of it.