Friday, April 2, 2010

Set Ye Not the Bar Too High For It Willst Fall and Whappest Ye On Thine Head

Now that Bug is in on the whole Easter Bunny/Santa charade, I hopefully launched an idea at the dinner table,

"You know, once Uncle Awesome and I both knew about our parents being the Easter Bunny, my mom used to leave our filled baskets in our rooms for Easter morning."

Bug looked up sharply, "What?! I want you to hide them and leave clues like you always do."

"But if they were in your room, you could have a piece of chocolate the very second you wake up!"

Bear looked intrigued.

Bug was appalled. "No. No way. Clues. Hiding. That's the way we do it in this house."

So now I have to come up with a bunch of damn clues by Sunday. It doesn't help that in past years, I've done a different style of clue each year. I've already done trails of string leading to the basket, rhyming couplets, and trivia style questions where the answer is the hiding place of the next clue.

A very evil part of me is tempted to use Google Translator to do this year's clues in Mandarin. I bet if it takes them all day to find their basket, they may rethink the whole baskets-at-the-foot-of-the-bed scenario.


Anonymous said...

Oooh tricky. I'd got with the Mandarin. And then have a bag of candy that you pull out while they're searching and you can munch on it and be all "Wouldn't it be nice if you were eating this RIGHT NOW?" You'd never have to hide a basket again.

Or you could be less mean and do something clue what, but something. Maybe write the clues in code, like each number equals a letter? Or is that too mean? I know my caffeine deprived brain would never be able to figure out anything like that in the morning but it would be funny to try.

parnola said...

I like assorted languages and just have Google translator open on the computer for them to use. Make them work and learn for the damn eggs! Perhaps with this technique next year they will beg you to forego the hiding! Õnn kaasa!

parnola said...

Another thought: how about advanced Calculus required to derive the GPS coordinates of the eggs? I'm sure Papa would be happy to help!

smalltownmom said...

Oh, you definitely set the bar too high!

Susan said...

With holiday expectations like this I am happy to be a non-believer. And an underachiever!

Jen on the Edge said...

You set the bar too damn high.

Our girls come downstairs to find partly-full baskets; however, they have to hunt down their eggs. Inside. None of that outside crap. Too much risk of bugs in chocolate and/or squirrels making off with jelly beans.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We do clues for birthday presents--it wears me out! good luck!

Dawn in Austin said...

Good luck with that. I vote for the Mandarin, too! LOL