Thursday, December 3, 2009

Disney Brings Out The Crazy In My Family

When you take my family, which has a sharp appreciation for all things funny, and plunk them in the middle of a theme park whose very atmosphere encourages silliness.... you end up with your camera's memory card stuffed full of images like these:

Uncle Awesome and his patented expression of Wacky Disney Fun:
Cap'n Tom of Starship Command (with Lieutenant Squeakypants):
Bear (in the background) shows how she feels about being ignored by her favorite Disney character:
And just for variety, my father and I, we scoff at the whimsy:
Do not, I repeat, do not take my husband to Extra Magic Hours when you can stay in The Magic Kingdom until 1:00 am. He is not to be trusted and is likely to frighten small children.
Who needs all the stereotypical smiley vacation pictures? For this picture of Bug and Tom (who do not tend to be morning people), taken before breakfast on one of our last mornings, I simply said, "Show me how you really feel this morning."
But not all was silliness and fun. There were some deadly serious issues to be dealt with. Namely, my hair. Despite a gently worded reminder to the state of Florida, the humidity was NOT under control during our visit, and I got to walk around looking like a 1987 Jheri Curl commercial. This photo was taken in the morning. Overall volume inflated by about 180% by dinnertime. Except for the day I got doused with water on Splash Mountain, and my hair had to air-dry as I strolled through the park. That day was more of a 1500% volume increase day.
Next time, I will skip packing the hair products and flat iron and take an assortment of hats.


Rose said...

I, of the thin hair, am jealous. My hair in humidity resembles string. Thin string.

Tom said...

My dear, these are friggin' HILARIOUS. I'm laughing out loud. I think my favorites are you and your reserved father, and Kate and I in the morning. Love, Tom

Tom said...

But hey, no photos of James Garfield?

Dawn in Austin said...

I agree with Tom, I'm laughing this morning and the same two pictures are my favorites. I like your hair wavy. But that is mostly because I only have one wave in my hair. Well, okay, it's not techinically a wave so much as a cowlick. *I envy*

grandma said...

I see our son still has his hilarious personality that we love so much. I am also love of your hair. Have you noticed that all the comments thus far from the girls is about you hair. Must be a girly thing :-]

Linda said...

I'm glad I wasn't on that trip with you wacky people! :)

Anonymous said...

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