Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Which I Realize That Bear Is Learning About More Than Just the 3 R's While She's At School

Scene: last night, Bear and I are on the couch watching American Idol. At one point, Ryan Seacrest makes a joke about a former contestant's very obvious boob job and the audience roars with laughter.

Me:, he means that she ...uh...well, there's this surgery-

Bear (cutting me off): Implants, Mom. I get it.

Me: Ah. Well, then.


Country Girl said...

Ha, the kids look great in the previous post. You have good reason to be a proud Momma!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Dang. That one would have gone right over my kids' heads.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! It might have gone over Eve's head - but if not, we would have had 1001 questions about insertion points, scars, size, etc.

Grandma said...

I normally never watch the Oprah show, but last month while I was quilting I happened to watch Oprah when experts were interviewing young ladies starting with age 12 and up on subject i.e sex, drugs, dating, peer pressure and so on. I was shocked with the amount of knowledge these young ladies possessed about all the subjects above. To put it bluntly, today's young ladies have more knowledge then I ever knew, even as an adult today. Later in the month Dr. Phil had a similar format for one of his shows. Again, it was an eye opener. In short, one better have an open adult line of communication with young daughters these days on all subjects. No more sugar coding or innuendos, the way I was raised. Good luck young mother's of today. Wow!