Thursday, April 30, 2009


Scene: Yesterday after school, Bug, Bear and I are siting around the kitchen table having a snack.

Bear: Mom? How come you and Mrs. Best Friend are always talking lahk thees?

Me (calmly): Because it's hysterically funny.

Bear: No, it's not.

Me: Yes, eet eez.

Bug: *giggles*

Me: See? Hilarious.

Bear: Mooooooooom. It's embarrassing and really annoying.

Me: Huh. So yew don't wunt me doin' thees in frunna yer frenz? Nope, still funny. Sorry.

Bear: Arrrrg!

Aww, she's embarrassed by her mother... a true milestone on the road to teenagerdom. Being mortified by your parents' behavior is practically a rite of passage. Next will come criticism of how I dress! I can hardly wait!

And, for the record, her friends think I'm quite amusing.


Grandpa said...

Yep, that there is whot happins when chillin don't get no Southern upbrigin! Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, come to my house!

I could learn you some thangs about talkin' Southern.

"Not no's" and "Ain't nuns" gaaaaruuuteeed!