Monday, March 17, 2008

Nurse Mittens is ON THE JOB

Mittens is an interesting cat. We rescued/adopted her from an iffy home (think 3 pitbulls, enormous plastic light-up Virgin Mary in the front yard, and an incredibly beat-up pool table in lieu of living room furniture). She was scrawny, dusty, and ear-mitey when we got her. Out of sheer gratitude (we guess), she has pledged to stay with us in sickness and in health. But especially sickness. This past week Bear, Bug, and Daddy Shortbread were felled by a nasty flu. Mittens was most attentive. To wit:

Look what a devoted companion she is to my sick baby. She only leaves to eat.

At one point yesterday, Daddy Shortbread opened bleary eyes to note that he felt like a piece of cat furniture:
Sometimes she gets concerned. Hey. You still alive?

But usually she's content to just hang out on the patient's lap, providing a nice little mammalian heating pad service.

Not always. I think she's checking with her paw to make sure he's still breathing here.
Sweet Jesus, woman. Can't you see that I'm working??


Patrick Arnold said...

Where's Maisy through all this? Must Mittens do all the work around there?

#1quiltinggrandma said...

How sweet they all look, even through sickness. Sooo happy to see everybody is toasty warm under their quilts. Quilts are made to bring comfort under any circumstance.
I am happy to announce that I think I finally figured out how to log on to this blog business. We may be slow, but there is hope for old folks on the world wide web without a nerd living close by:-)

Nana said...

Maisy was probably basking in her freedom from Mittens for a few days. No sneak attacks from her feline housemate!

Glad to hear all the sickies are well and back at school/work today.