Saturday, March 8, 2008


When The Bear was a toddler, that's what she called any kind of craft-related activity. Artin'.

We've actually gotten so much snowpack this winter that the kids have been stuck indoors a lot of the time. It's hard to run and play when the snow is up to your thigh, as The Bug discovered when she tried and got a boot sucked off by the snow. There's nothing like ice-cold and slushy socks to make you think, "'Enough of this cold crap. Let's go inside and do some ARTIN'."
There's also nothing like the words, "Mom, can we paint?" to strike fear in the heart of any mother.


Notice Daddy Shortbread had to get in on the artin', too. Yeah, I know the picture is sideways. I'm new at this, remember? Give me a break.

The Bear got in on the action, too. She wanted her painting to be more of a "goth-y silhouette-y effect." Remember, she's almost a teenager. She's practicing being moody.

The Bug, on the other hand, is ALL ABOUT the bright colors. If I had gotten out the glitter (I didn't. I'm not stupid.), I'm sure she would have added that to her painting.

Hope you enjoyed our Day o' Art. Leave a comment, and I'll try to get a new post up in a couple of days.

Upcoming events for this week: Big City Flower Show! And...Gum Surgery! Hopefully with lots of muscle relaxants!


TommyBMcC said...

Well, very nice looking. The pictures are great. What's your nickname?

jenn in Maine said...

I don't have a nickname. "Jenn" is more anonymous than any nickname I could come up with. Do you know how many Jenns there are out there??

Nana said...

Love the blog! Bunky would be a good nickname for you. Not sure where that idea came from - it just sort of popped into my head.
Looking forward to your updates.

jenn in Maine said...

"Bunky" ain't happening.

jdsac said...

Seeking to fund wife's extravagant habits.

What am I offered to not progress the use of "Bunky".

Nana said...

Your first clue should have been that a flower show in Maine in March is just plain wrong. Spring isn't even in the near future for you guys! ...nor us either after the foot of snow we got over the weekend :(

Someone special will always be Bunky to me whether she wants to be or not!

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