Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Like She's Trying To Tell Us Something...

1. Sign That Appeared on Bug's Door:

Bug's Room
(except in emergency)

Sign here to show you have read this:

Thank you.

2. Then in the car on the way to the Fryeburg Fair, she announced that she'd written a short story, and she wanted to read it to us.

Clearing her throat, she began, "I open my eyes and wonder where I am. Then I remember, and I'm not happy anymore. I live with my grandparents because when I was three, my mother ran away. Why? I don't know. Since my mother left, I've been wondering who my dad is. I know it's crazy, but my mom was always scared to tell me. Maybe he's the hobo down the street ... no, I doubt it.

I grab the elastic next to my bed and put my hair up, then I clomp downstairs in my fuzzy red slippers. It's hard living with grandparents. They just don't understand the privacy kids need. That's why there are so many "KNOCK FIRST" signs on my door. It doesn't help much, though. I think when I grow up, I'll let my children have locks on their doors, but that's not important right now."


Subtle, isn't she?

Tom, Bear, and I all duly signed her bedroom door proclamation. Tom and I always knock when the kids' doors are closed. I believe in privacy and that everyone should have a space that is purely their own. However, I'm also clear to the kids that I knock to announce myself out of courtesy, but I'm a-comin' in. We pay the mortgage, after all.

Bear, however, is notorious for barging into her sister's room without knocking but freaking if Bug comes into hers unannounced. We're seeking the delicate balance between anarchy and full-blown turf war.

That said, I'm wondering what a shrink would say about Bug writing a story wherein the mother runs away and her father is a hobo? Hmmm.


Jen on the Edge said...

So why did you run off and abandon your children? It was nice that you came back, married the hobo, and got him to clean up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the whole "I'm almost a teenager, give me some privacy" time of her life. That means you big sister! :) Good luck with that.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How funny! Their perception of privacy and how it actually plays out are quite different...I knock and enter at the same time! But I haven't got teenagers yet.

Dawn in Austin said...

It was apparent after the first paragraph that Bug is the child of an attorney.

Oh, your show is just getting good!

unmitigated me said...

The shrink is married to a sixth grade teacher who knows that they ALL write that story. The girls do, anyway. It's the only way the kid can be in charge and make big decisions. Congratulations, Jen, she's growing into herself.

BTW, have you READ kid lit? They ALL have at least one missing parent. Instant conflict.

Nana said...

As your mother, I was terribly upset when you ran off, abandoning your children. Then when you came back, I BEGGED you not to marry the hobo. Now perhaps you can see the harm your decisions have done to Bug. We thought she'd be happier living with us, but she doesn't speak all that favorably about living with her grandparents, does she? This child has serious issues. Not only is her immediate family screwed up, she's a thief. Tell her I want my fuzzy red slippers back! :)

Cindy said...

This has made me laugh out loud!

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Anonymous said...

That story made me laugh so much! Your daughter is a hoot.

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