Thursday, May 6, 2010

Siren Call

I've been one wretched excuse for a blogger lately. It's just that I find it impossible to stay inside, when the outside has finally clued into the whole "Spring" concept. It's gardening season, baby. (You wouldn't be hearing from me today, but it's rainy and buggy outside. Feel special?)

My birch is finally leafing out. The sight fills me with joy. It fills Bear with itchiness. She's allergic to it. I'd cut it down out of motherly love, but she's also allergic to pretty damn near every other tree in the state, so it would be kind of a pointless gesture. Dramatic, but pointless.
Random tulip and variegated hosta. Last year, after The Summer of the Neverending Torrential Rain, that hosta looked like swiss cheese due to the ongoing slug convention in my garden. I took great pleasure in sprinkling salt on the little terrorists and watching them writhe. It's possible that I'm not as nice a person as I pretend to be.
Chives! And a rock!
Tulips: Pretty. Super-crooked horizon line in back of picture: Indicative of one too many cups of coffee.
I even like the dandelions in this picture. Cheery! Yellow! (Then I went and yanked them out as soon as I put the camera down).
I do have loads to tell you about, so I'll be back soon. Promise!


Jen on the Edge said...

I share your excitement.

I'm finding it hard to balance work, house stuff, and the garden this week, especially since I've spent probably 6 or even 8 hours outside since Monday just planting.

Country Girl said...

Love your post and your last one t too. This time of year my blog suffers miserably along with housework etc....SO busy and honestly I get VERY overwhelmed this time of year often wondering if is all worth it. Some home we manage to get through it and can once again break come winter.

smalltownmom said...

I'm horticulturally-challenged. (Is that PC enough for "brown thumb?")

So I'm terribly excited that I have 3 tomato plants growing. With 1 millimeter tomatoes right now! For me, that's a huge garden!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Beautiful! I am a glutton for springtime, too. I spend many hours just looking at the marvel of it.

Dawn in Austin said...

So glad you finally have spring! It's my favorite. Next to Christmas. :)