Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was a bit of an afterthought around here this year. We have been slightly preoccupied with trifles like obtaining, oh, plumbing and walls. Which is why two weeks ago, it suddenly dawned on me that we should probably figure out costumes. Also why Tom and I were desperately rummaging through boxes labelled "Halloween" for the kids' trick-or-treat bags exactly one hour before we were scheduled to walk out the door.

We managed to pull it together sufficiently to head out into the wild, windy Halloween twilight accompanied by a ghost and a "tavern wench" (according to the tag on her straight-from-Target costume).
Once I pushed aside all of the seriously iffy, slit-to-the-thigh witch, nurse, and French maid costumes, Bug had four costumes to choose from. One was a gorilla suit. I'm pretty sure she chose this one for the nifty lace-up bodice. I was equally sure that she had no idea what a "tavern wench" was. Nor did I know how to explain it to her. ("Uh, like a Hooter's girl, only four hundred years ago," I pictured myself saying to her). Luckily, she didn't ask.
I was disconcerted that when I asked her to give me a pose "in character", she cocked a shoulder at me and smoldered alarmingly at the camera. I made a mental note to send her to a convent as soon as she hits puberty.

(Disclaimer: that is is glitter hairspray and not dandruff. She wanted you to know).
For Bear's character shot, she gave me her boilerplate gaze of Adolescent Pathos.
I told her that if I post one more of those on this blog, someone is going to assume we're beating her and report us to Child Services, who will come and take her away to a group home WHERE SHE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A CELL PHONE OR NAIL POLISH.

So she agreeably gave me this:
Happy Halloween, all!


smalltownmom said...

Even though we have treat bags, my son chose to take a pillowcase. It's maniler, I guess.

Grandma said...

Great costumes. I could not have done any better than they did.
The neatest costume that came to our door last night was a boy surrounded/covered by green balloons attached to a green smock type shirt with pins. Jolly Green four foot Giant. It was very clever.

larnola46 said...

When Bug told me she was going to be a tavern wench, I wondered if she knew what that was, but I was afaid to ask. Bear's rummaging through the dress-up clothes box resulted in a neat costume. You all "done good" pulling Halloween together at the last minute.

tommybmcc said...

My dear, no matter how nutso things are, you always manage to ensure our daughters' childhood experiences are wonderful. Thanks again,

Love, Tom

Dawn in Austin said...

" Hooter's girls, only 400 years ago" I love that! I did see a fair share of risque bees and witches and that was just the children. Tell me? When did halloween turn x-rated?

Anyway, loved the outfits for the girls and LOVED the last shot and how you got it.

Jen on the Edge said...

I'd say Bear has Adolescent Pathos down perfectly. :-)