Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Alive!

Just painting, painting, painting. I promise pictures soon, but no kidding, my hands are so sore by the end of a day's painting that I can't even contemplate picking up a camera. Here's my average day this week:

1. Coffee, two cups.

2. Paint, two hours.

3. More coffee, what the hell.

4. Paint, two more hours.

5. Lunch. Diet Coke for energy.

6. Paint. Possibly black out from paint fumes at some point because before I know it, somebody is grousing about dinner and a glance at a clock shows that five hours have rolled by.

7. Dinner.

8. More painting! Remind self that someday I get to live in these new rooms, and it will all be worth it.

9. Hot shower. Try not to fall asleep standing up.

10. Collapse into bed.

Then, just to mix things up (and because I'm a masochist), on Thursday and Friday of last week my husband and I chaperoned an overnight field trip with Bug's class. We stayed overnight at an island lighthouse and had an amazing experience. I'll definitely be blogging more about that when THE INFERNAL PAINTING IS DONE AND I GET TO HAVE A LIFE AGAIN. Ahem. Sorry about that. The fumes make me tetchy.


Dawn in Austin said...

I have always said that I love to paint. However, painting to make pretty and painting just so one doesn't have plain drywall are two different animals. I feel for you. And yes, you will get to live in the rooms. Of course, if you were me, in three months, you'd want to change the color. LOL

Jen on the Edge said...

I cannot imagine tackling all that painting.

And I seriously cannot imagine chaperoning an overnight trip.

I bow to your awesomeness.