Friday, August 21, 2009

Back-to-School Fashion Shoot... Cast Your Vote Now!

Stores have been visited. Sale racks scoured. Painful decisions made. Money spent. Tom visibly cringed when I pulled the wad of receipts from my purse, receipts that represent what it cost to outfit our girls for yet another school year. (There may have also one or eight two Starbucks receipts in the wad, but I'm pretty sure that those will be reimbursed by our health insurance as a mental health expense).

And now, the most important part. The girls have each "pulled together their favorite looks" (and God help me, they actually talk like that), and they want YOUR opinion.

Bear's choices this year were centered around brightly colored jeans, accent scarves, Converse sneakers, layered tops, and skinny jeans.

Bear, Outfit A:
Bear, Outfit B:Bear, Outfit C:
Bear, Outfit D:
Bear, Outfit E:
Bug gravitated, as always, to the comfy. Super-sensitive to anything remotely scratchy, squeezy, tickly, itchy, or tight, she rapidly discarded anything that offended her delicate sensibilities. Mostly because I was very clear that If I Buy It, You Wear It. No buying something cute, then refusing to wear it because it's itchy. Period.

Her choices included jeans of the softest denim, cute slouchy boots, skirts and leggings, and lightweight tees for layering .

Bug, Outfit A:
Bug, Outfit B:
Bug, Outfit C:
Bug, Outfit D:
Bug, Outfit E:
Both girls are anxiously awaiting your votes. Like, they're already asking if anyone has voted, and I haven't even put the damn post up yet. So for the sake of my mental health, and to make my kiddos really, really happy...

What's your favorite new "look" for both Bug and Bear?
(Bug says she'll consider wearing the favorite outfit for the first day of school. Bear isn't making any promises. Apparently she doesn't trust your fashion judgment).


Linda said...

Well, I guess I'm the first to vote. Let me begin by saying this is NOT easy. There isn't a single outfit shown that I don't like. But, if I have to list my preferences from "favorite" to "least favorite" here goes:

Bear: B, A, D, C, E

Bug: C, E, D, B, A

Have a great school year, Girls!

smalltownmom said...

I'm 49 years old -- they SHOULDN'T trust my fashion judgement. They look great in all of them!

grandma said...

My vote for Bear's outfit for the first day of school, which makes the statement, "here I am with confidence", is D.
Color choice is perfect for Bear's beautiful complexion :-)

My vote for Bug's outfit for the first day of school which screams "Sassy", is C. Color choice fits Bug's personality beautifully, bright and cheery!

I do love all their choices. They sure know what looks good on them. Great job!

When do they start school?

Grandpa will vote when he comes home from the office later to day.

Tom said...

Bear: C
Bug: B

The Money Tree

Anonymous said...

Papa gives his top two:

Bear: D, A

Bug: C, E

Mom of Twins said...

Hello, Ladies!

First off - fabulous choices!! I liked them all.

My favorite for Bear is Outfit D, closely followed by Outfit B.

My favorite for Bug is Outfit C, closely followed by Outfit B.

Now, please consider that I live in Arizona and I haven't had the privilege of meeting you two awesome gals! Not knowing your styles too well, I went with what caught my eye. You both look really sophisticated in all the outfits!!

Happy first day of school! When is it by the way?

jenn said...

The first day of school is Wednesday, Aug. 26th. Both girls are really excited to go back to see all their friends!

Thank you SO much, everybody that's voted so far. Bug and Bear have been so excited all day tallying up the votes.

Grandpa said...

You both look absolutely beautiful in all of your outfits. I cannot reduce my favorite to one, but I can reduce it to two top choices for each of you. They are: Bear: A & E; Bug: also A & E. Imagine that!! They are all great! After the first week, you can then mix them up!!

Anjanette Bibles said...

I think it is fantastic that you are taking a poll for this!

For the first day of school:

Bear - outfit D, still a little bit of summer meets fall perfect colors for that (and the colors look great on her)!

Bug - outfit B, summery & lovely, luv the yellow & light blue with the layer.

However I loved both outfits with the scarf accessory (Bear - B, Bug - E). Scarfs are very Euro (I love Europe fashion from my travels)& perfect for your beautiful falls in Maine. Bears reminds me of the hip London club scene & Bears of the beautiful fall days in Dublin.

Hope this helps your young fashion Ladies!

Cheers - Anj

Jen on the Edge said...

They're all so cute! So much of those outfits are very similar to what my girls are wearing this year. The skirt and leggings combo is a particular favorite around here.

Lora and Mike said...

Wow--beautiful girls. And Bear has your exact smile, Jenn.

My vote:

Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovin Bug C and Bear...?...the one with the scarf. Very cute outfits. Your girls have good taste.


Anonymous said...

Bug in outfit C and Bear in outfit D. They look wonderful!
Anna aka

Dawn in Austin said...

I would pick all them, they're so cute. But if I had to pick one for each I'd pick D for Bear and B for Bug. Your girls have very nice fashion sense. Sometimes when I look at young girls, I wonder what in the heck they are thinking!

Nicole said...

Love them all! But If I have to put them in Order:

Bear: B C D E A

Bug: C E B D A

parnola said...

Uncle Pat's thoughts ...

Hannah, Outfit C: Black jeans rule; Jackson Pollock top is intriguing. Sure to be a hit.

Kate, Outfit A: Light jeans look great. Casual top in Kate's best color. A winner!

Anne said...

I vote E for both!

Jen Winslow said...

Mackenzie says C for both girls!!