Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Prince Edward Island Trip: The Numbers

Length of the Confederation Bridge (which you drive across to reach the island).......8 miles
Here's another shot of it. It is pretty disconcerting to start out over a bridge when you can't even see land on the other side. Bear was pretty nervous about crossing an eight-mile-long bridge, and had been referring to it as "The Bridge of Death and Doom." I helpfully offered to let her out on the middle of it if she didn't like it, but she declined.
Number of hours we drove around exlaiming over how CHEAP gas was on the island (98 cents a gallon!) before we realized we were in CANADA where they have the freaking METRIC system, therefore making gas 98 cents a LITER and not cheap at all ... two.
Number of Nights in Which I Let the Kids "Choose your own bedtime because it's vacation!!"... one. What in hell was I thinking?
Amount of Time My Children Were Able to Share a Bed Before Being Split Up....30 minutes, 23 of which were a gradual crescendo into The Battle of Cover-Tugging (with illegal toenail action).
Sandcastles built... two.
Books Read on PEI (family total) ... thirteen and a half.
Number of Anne of Green Gables Sites We Dragged Tom to Before He Began Making Fun of Her ... technically zero, since he developed his meadow-skipping, "bosom-friend"-burbling "Tom of Green Gables" character before we got to any of the Anne sites. MEN.
Sea Glass and Seashells Collected... hundreds.
Hours of TV Watched ... zero.
Hours Spent Online ... zero (mostly owing to lack of wifi, I confess).
Number of Photographs Taken .. I can't count that high, OK? Shut up.

Amount of Peace and Relaxation Achieved ... countless
More coming as I continue photo-editing...


Dawn in Austin said...

What a great looking house! Sounds like an awesome vacation!

Linda said...

Tom of Green Gables??? I can pretty easily imagine his dialogue on that! :)

Jen on the Edge said...

That looks like so much fun. Well, except for the Epic Battle of the Blankets. My girls do that too and it drives me batty.

Linda said...

The blanket battle drove me nuts as a kid because I had to share a bed with my sister for years. Not pleasant, and the arguing never stopped. Either I was hogging the covers or I was over the imaginary line in the middle of the bed or I was breathing too loudly. That's why I give the girls separate blankets when they share a bed at my house. Works beautifully!

Linda said...

Oh...and I put a stuffed animal between them so they can't accidentally touch each other when they turn over.

Summer said...

How charming is that house?!?

Side note...and totally unrelated. But, when I was little I used to tell my mom that I wanted to live in Maine. When she asked why, I said because nothing bad ever happens there.

For some reason I thought because I never heard Maine on the news, that it was a bad-free town.

Okay, that's all. =)